Saturday, October 15, 2011

Walmart And The Three Bars - Friday Night Evangelism

Bro. JJ and I had a great night of witnessing and preaching ! We arrived at Walmart around 8:30. Both of us were able to preach once each. We talked to two homeless men who had the name John in common. One was trying to get back to Mobile, Alabama. He said that the fair had left him behind. The other seemed to know a lot about the Bible. We talked to him for a while. Please pray for these two men. While I was preaching, I felt like preaching in Spanish. Then, a man who looked Spanish was walking away from Walmart. A few minutes later, he walked to where we were. His name was Salvador, who was from Honduras. He did not speak to me in English. He told me that he was missionary Baptist. He said that he was working in Monroe, but was having trouble with his boss. He also said that he was going back to Dallas on Saturday. I prayed for him before he walked away.
We got to the bars after 10:00. We were able to have several one on ones and one on twos. Jay, a taxi cab driver, told us that we needed to be home to get ready for church on Sunday. Bro. JJ talked to him while I was preaching. Another man showed us his bracelet that was made out of fishing swivels. When he implied that he was fishing for men, I told him that he was using the wrong bait. A woman that started to oppose us agreed a little with us after we talked with her and her boyfriend. I gave tracts to Sam and Richard. They had been drinking. Sam wanted me to pray for him. Stephen told me that he was saved in prison, but always end up away from God when he got out. He asked me if he has blasphemed the Holy Ghost. I told him that he hadn't yet. His friend, Garrett, asked for a Gospel of John and Romans when they were leaving. Bro. JJ talked with Shawn and "Shadow". It appeared that Shawn had a cynical attitude, but had never understood the Gospel. He seemed really interested after Bro. JJ talked to them. "Shadow" claimed to be a pagan. She has never been involved with anything religious before. We pray that they will consider what they have heard. Have you shared your faith lately ?

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