Thursday, October 6, 2011

Evangelism Update - October 6, 2011

I went grocery shopping with my family tonight. We usually have church on Thursdays, but we had it on Tuesday this week because of preparation for a weekend wedding. When we pulled in to the parking lot, we saw our friend Bro. Wayne , Bro. Willard , and two other men that they go to church with. They were preaching and holding signs. Bro.  Wayne and his wife have been preaching in front of Walmart for many years. I have preached there with them a few times before. We preached together at the mall one Christmas. Bro. JJ preached with them a few weeks ago. They said that they are going to be out there everyThursday night. Bro. Willard is also a veteran street preacher. A homosexual ran over him with a motorcycle while he was preaching at a bar several years ago. Please pray that the Lord will bless their efforts. 
While in Walmart, I talked to a Spanish couple, Daniel and Dora. They said that they were
Christians. I told Daniel about how I have learned some Spanish. I also told him about some of
the Spanish music that I listen to. I gave him my work business card. He had an interest in
getting some glasses. I pray that I get to talk to them again. I asked Robert if he was saved.
He responded that he went to church, but wasn't doing right. After I has asked him where he
would be if he died five seconds ago, he said that he would be in hell. I gave him the tract (from the Beuzeugen Tract Club ) that  appears in the picture below. I pray that I will see Robert in Heaven ! Have you shared your faith today ? 

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