Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bezeugen Tract Club

Join the Bezeugen Tract Club to receive 30 free Gospel tracts per month. Be encouraged to pass out at least 1 a day. I run out of mine before the month is up! In the picture is the tracts that came for the month of September. The tracts are great icebreakers for witnessing. You can place these anywhere for the lost to pick up and read. We have been placing these also in beer, water, and soda cases. ( Check out Carl's demonstration on the As You Go blog here - )

When you give someone a tract, ask "Did you get one of these?" When you ask "Do you want one of these? or "Can I give you one these?", they might say no. Make them curious. Then, witness if possible. I like finding people at the gas pumps and any place that shopping has to be done. These tracts are easy to carry everywhere you go! Enroll today @

The lost are everywhere! Are you sharing your faith? If not, now is a good time to start!!! Let's win souls!!!

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