Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Evangelism

Instead of weekly updates, I'm going to post on a daily basis for a while. As I was getting water from a machine at the Chevron in West Sterlington today, I gave a How Much Would You Bet? Tract to a man who was scratching off lottery tickets before he got into his vehicle. This was a perfect opportunity. I also gave one to the man that was asking him about the tickets.
Lance called me to say that he was able to pass out 38 tracts at a football jamboree. He has just joined the Bezeugen Tract Club and his tracts are almost gone!
At Super One, I traded a Bible Belt tract for a photography flier that a woman was giving out at the entrance.
I was able to slip a few tracts in beer cases that were waiting for them!
In the picture, I placed the tract over a check that a man won playing the lottery. This was at the Circle K where we stopped to get drinks.

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