Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Week In Witnessing (7/31/12 - 8/3/12)

Monday -I gave a tract to Rod at Walmart.

Tuesday - At Walmart, Red got a tract. Bo seemed to get choked up a little when I talked with him. He said that he had a Christian up-bringing. Vince, Tony, Estavan, and Juan received a Trivia Del Futbol tract. Deandre, a Walmart employee, took a tract. I talked to a man on the beer isle as I gave him a tract. Mr. Woodworth got a tract near the pharmacy. After I checked out I gave tracts to Scott and Nicole Johnson.

Thursday - After Work: Walmart in West Monroe - I talked with Grayson at the checkout as I gave him a How Much Would You Bet? tract. Philipe and Elmundo took a Trivia Del Futbol tract. I gave the Bible Belt tract to George who is a high school friend's dad. Taronda, the cashier, got one,too.

Friday - My wife had a doctors appointment today. I gave tracts to two men that were getting on the bus outside of the hospital. I placed tracts through out the clinic. There are a lot of people waiting all day long. Why not give them something great to read? I put several tracts with the magazines.
As we were leaving, I gave two Bible Belt tracts to two women that were outside the entrance. Walmart has been my hot spot this week! I had to wait for a prescription for my wife to be filled. Waiting time means witnessing time. ( Please check out the post on Go With The Gospel under Soul-Winning Friends at the top of this page. I gave tracts to Wayne, Kenneth, and John. I had a great conversation with Dale, a truck driver, when he came from the alcohol section. He told me how he had put his wife before the Lord and lost it all. He said that he was getting closer to the Lord and was attending church where he lived in Arkansas. I pray that he was encouraged when we talked. As I was leaving, Eddie and Josh took a tract.


  1. Sounds great Scott!
    We had a good time tonight handing out a lot of tracts before concert.
    God bless you brother!

    1. Hi, Bro. Kostya! It is always good to hear from you! Keep on reaching out for souls!
      We have so much to do for the Lord! He is the only one that can save! God

    2. Sorry! That last line should have said God bless!