Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Are You A Soul-Winner?" Sermon From Keith Daniel

Here is a stirring message on soul-winning from Keith Daniel. I listened to this today. I went to Walmart afterwards to get a gas card. I talked to three people, feeling the Spirit of God! Many do not know where they will spend eternity. They are only thinking about now; not the hereafter. Do we care enough to tell them how to get to Heaven? Can they see our love and concern for there souls? I talked with one man today that said that there needed to be more people like me doing what I was doing. One man of God said that there is a labor shortage in the Kingdom of God. How true this is! Christians need to break out of complacency! They must quit wondering what man will think and wonder what God commands. This is warfare! There are souls at stake that must realize that that have sinned against a Holy God. They need to know that the only way to be reconciled to God is through the blood that was shed by Jesus on that old rugged cross! They need to see that Jesus is the propitiation - the satisfaction of God's judgment that was against us! Can we do more to present these truths to the walking dead that are around us? Can we weep over lost humanity and reap a harvest for our Lord? Can we be used by God in winning the lost? Can we go out of our way to see that someone hears the Gospel? Let our prayer be this: "Lord, make me a soul-winner!!!" Please let the Lord stir your heart more toward souls while listening to this message!

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