Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach - 2015

My oldest son, Braylyn, and I joined Carl along with students from Gospel For Asia, Darrell Rundus, and several others on Saturday at the State Fair of Texas Gospel Outreach in Dallas. We gave out around 5,000 tracts throughout the day. We had many conversations as people came to take the Million Dollar Eye Test. At least 5 people prayed. Some left when we went from the natural to the spiritual. Several said that they were already saved. We asked them to join the tract club. Carl spoke with two young men who said that they were atheist. Mike said that he would believe if we could answer one question for him. We did, but it wasn't the answer that he wanted. He is real bitter. Please pray for him. Cylandria prayed after I took her through the law and told her about God's grace. We used the "3 minutes to live with a knife in my back" illustration  with several people. After I told one woman that I had broke all the commandments and was dying, she said "You're in trouble!" and walked off. You should have seen the look on another woman's face! Kimberly and her daughter were about to leave the fair when they stopped by the booth. She came back after our 1st conversation to inquire about the Ten Commandment coins. She then said that they were Catholic, but didn't believe in purgatory. She had a few reservations. She thanked me for being there and believed that God had put her in our path. Please pray for her family. This was my third year to be at this outreach. It is always an encouraging time.

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