Sunday, September 1, 2013

Friday Night Evangelism - The Night Of The Atheists!

Three of us went out Friday night. I text my friend, Rob, when I stopped to get coffee. I had asked him to pray for us and text him back to see if he wanted to go out with us one night. He called me after that.It worked out for him to come on his first trip to witness at the clubs. He has been involved in street ministry with the homeless. Bro. Gary, Bro. Rob, and I arrived at the Trial Bar around 10:00 to discover that the Hooking Bull Bar had closed down. There is only the Trial Bar on that particular corner now. Most of our witnessing has been done with the patrons there, anyway. We brought the cross with us, which attracted many over to talk with us. I had added Jesus' name on if before we came out. We couldn't preach because of the conversations that we had. Sky, who said thus she worked at the bar, informed Bro. Gary that they were having a fundraiser for a man that had lost his job, We met Tim and Hunt, who are brothers and professing atheists. They came and talked with us about three different times. They are the first atheists that we gave got to have discussions with on street ministry. Hunt said that he has seen Ray Comfort's new video, Evolution vs. God. Tim and I talked about abortion, creation, and evolution. Overall, we didn't argue except for their friend, Jullianna, who was drunk. We talked to Nathan, who was raised Catholic. Julius, who was just passing by with his little girl, stopped to see what we were doing. He had a history of being on the streets, but The Lord had him on the right track now. Pray that can find a good church to get planted in.
We also talked to Josh, Nathan, and Justin. We may meet up with Tim and Hunt again. Hunt mentioned doing a podcast. Pray that God can use us to reach them for His glory!


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  3. Thanks very much! I follow Washington DC Evangelist on twitter. I am also on their list of street preachers. They are a real encouragement in evangelism!