Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturday Night Evangelism - Fourth Of July Fireworks - Monroe, La. - July 6, 2013

The fireworks display was moved to downtown Monroe this year to coincide with the Downtown River Market. There were different vendors  set up for shop and bands playing. We met around 8:00 across from the corner where I had my accident over twenty years ago.
Bro. Charles, Bro. Gary, Bro. J. J, and I were on hand, giving out around 450 tracts. We started out at the levee, where some were gathering for the fireworks. Bro. J.J. had one on ones with Derek and Edward. I gave a tract to a Hindu man that was walking with his daughter. We gave  out tracts as we walked toward the River Market. At one spot, there was a band playing outside. I gave a tract to a man who had a beer in his hand. Many drinkers were recipients of tracts this night. They don't know it, but they have an invisible sign over them that says "Give me a tract!" 
Bro. J. J. and I split up near the end to give out tracts before the fireworks started. I saw a friend that I haven't seen in a while. I was best man in his wedding. He was there with two of his children. I gave him a tract and got his number to catch up with him later.
I talked with Kevin, who didn't take a tract. He sounded like he was a Hebrew Israelite. I tried to take him through the Ten Commandments, but he side stepped my questions. I shook his hand and went back to tracting. 
Bro. Gary and Bro. Charles are Gospel tract machines! They came back to get more tracts after they gave out their stacks! We had a great time at this event! I am so thankful for men like Bro. Charles, Bro. Gary, and Bro. J. J., who have a burden and a zeal for the lost. 
Prayerfully, we will have more with us next year!

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