Saturday, August 3, 2013

God Has People Ready To Be Witnessed To!

I read today about a witnessing testimony from Sumner Wemp when he talked to a nurse after giving her a tract. She had just read “Left Behind” and was waiting for someone to tell her how to get saved. Tonight, I went to the Chevron to get milk. I gave the “Are You Ready” tract to a man who was smoking outside by his vehicle. He said that he has been ready. He told me that he had died twice. I told him that he was still here for a reason. He was shot the second time that he died. I asked if he went to church around here. He and his family were on the way home to Arkansas. (I am in Louisiana) When his family came out from the store, we shook hands and left. I pray that he reads the tract and thinks about eternity. God has the right people ready for us to give them the right tract to get them on the right track!

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