Sunday, May 27, 2012

Witnessing Update

This has been a great and encouraging week. The Lord has challenged me to do more! The harvest is ripe! I've been challenged by listening to Mark Cahill. Bro J.T. asked if I had read "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven" written by Mark Cahill. I found the PDF version, but I am going to get the book.
Please check out this video on YouTube :

Mark Cahill - One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven (FULL) via @youtube

Last Monday, I gave a New Testament to a Hindu man that owns a convenience store down from where I work. I have been wanting to do this since a few days before. There was a can of beer on the counter near my purchase. He jokingly asked "This, too?" I said that I didn't drink and that I was a born-again Christian. I didn't have time to talk, so I made it a point to go back with the New Testament. I also gave him the trillion dollar bill and his employee got one,too. I have handed these to two other Hindu people at two other stores this week. At one store a man looked at the trillion with interest until I told him that it was a Gospel tract.
On Friday, I made it a point to go in Taco Bell to pick up lunch. While there, I spoke to a Spanish man that was with his family. I gave them million dollar pesos and trillion dollar bills. After seeing me give the trillions, four women asked me for them! One asked if she could have one for her husband. She said that she was trying to get him to go to church. I went to Super One after work. I gave out several tracts there. James told me that he knew that he would go to hell if he died within ten minutes. I asked him to think about what we talked about before he retired that night. I asked another man where he would go when he died. He said "In limbo." He almost gave the tract back, but he kept it when I gave one to his girlfriend.
On Saturday, we went to the Morehouse Challenge thrift store in Bastrop. I talked with Wesley who was from Oak Grove. He told me that he had preacher friends who had talked to him before. He told me that he didn't want to give up some things. He liked smoking marijuana. He appreciated me talking to him. I may never see him again here, but I hope to see him in Heaven! I was studying for my message on Saturday night for Sunday night when I had an urge to go to the Chevron before they closed at 11. I gave out 4 trillion dollar bills on the way in and while checking out. On the way out, two men that looked like rockers were coming in. As I gave them the tracts, they were on the phone with their boss. As one gave the phone to the other, he called him J.D. I remembered talking to J.D. last July in front of the Tsunami. He was still on the phone, so I didn't talk to him anymore. He probably remembers! Thank the Lord for divine appointments! Remember: somebody near you needs Jesus!

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