Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thursday Witnessing

I started the day off before work by stopping at the Greyhound bus station, which is joined with a convenience store in Monroe. There were several people outside who we're waiting on buses. When I walked up to them, one man asked about the tracts that I had in my hand. I asked "You know I got tracts?" He took one from me. He was going to Shreveport. A woman name Cassandra asked me to pray for her brother, who was there also. I actually prayed for three people. Val and Jimmy were going to New Orleans. Val was from Mexico. I gave him 1 English and 1 Spanish tract. Cassandra asked me ton pray for Val, but I had to leave to get to work on time. Altogether, I gave tracts to 6 who were there. 

At lunch time, I went to McDonald's. I gave 4 men the Mancard tracts. They looked like they were together, waiting for their food. One was reading the tract as I was leaving. I had to stop at the Monroe laundry mat on the way home. After I finished my task, I gave out 2 of a new Halloween Bezeugen tracts to women that were waiting on their clothes. As I gave the first one a tract, she gave me a business card. It looked like mine because she used the same design from Vista Print. I asked her where she had got the card. Then, I realized it was hers. They were dancers. I talked to them about three of the Ten Commandments, but 1 said that they were Christians. The other was reading the tract as we talked. I pray that God will open their hearts to a true Christian experience through repentance and faith in Jesus. On the way out, I gave 2 more tracts to a mother and daughter. My last stop before home was Taco Bell. I went inside since the drive-thru line was long. I got to talk with an ULM soccer coach and a ULM  basketball coach. I gave them the Mancard tract, also. I talked to another man named Antron while I was waiting for the order. He took a Mancard, too.

My goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day. It's not that hard when there are people everywhere that aren't saved. They are not thinking about spiritual things. We have to bring if to the forefront of their minds. Gospel tracts are one of the best ways to do this. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have had to witness. There are many more to come! 

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