Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Tract Bags

I've made up several bags with tracts and peppermints or miniature candy canes to hand out this Christmas season. Everyone that I've offered them to has took them. I even made a few Spanish ones. When I go through drive-thrus, I give one to the person who takes my payment and the one who hands me the order. At a Church's Chicken in Ruston on Friday, I gave 7 bags to the woman at the window and asked her to give them out to the other employees. This is a neat way to witness. I bought the bags and peppermints  at The Dollar Tree. My wife bought me the smaller bag with snowflakes on it. The bags with candy canes on them are perfect to use with The Legend Of The Candy Cane tract. We only have a few more days till Christmas. People need to know the real reason for the season!

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