Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Tracts - Tis' The Season....

Christmas  a time to ask "Did you get one of these?" I love witnessing with tracts at Christmas! It is so easy giving a tract to someone by saying "Merry Christmas". I ask at times: "Did you get your Christmas Gospel tract?"So many people will take a one from a courteous stranger. They need to believe the Gospel to be born again. We can ask if they know the real reason for Christmas. This will open up a witnessing opportunity. On Thiursday night, I got to give one to a college student named Charles. He had got behind me in line. When I saw that he had just a few items, I let him go in front of me. This opened up a conversation while he was checking out. I was able to give him a tract during that time.

On Friday night, I gave the "What List Are You On? tract to Kendrick. He said that he  was guilty after I took him through 4 of the commandments. I asked him to read 1 John 5 and John 10. He thankede for the talk. 

On Saturday, I took my two sons to the annual Kiwana's Christmas parade in Monroe. I made up 100  bags with "The Legend Of The Candy Cane" tract and a candy cane or peppermint. I was able to give out 50 of them. I gave out 2 at the McDonald's drive thru, also. 
What are you doing special to witness in this joyous season? Please feel free to leave a comment about your witnessing experiences. Be creative to win people to Jesus so that they can have a Christ-filled Christmas, too! 

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