Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Witnessing - January 20, 2014

I went to Walmart at lunch time today. Usually when I do this, I'll give out tracts on the way to the McDonald's that is located in the back of the store. I gave  a "This Is the Verdict" tract to a man and asked him if he stood before God, would he be innocent or guilty. He said "Uh, Oh!". 
When I was leaving McDonald's, I gave two men the "Do You Know Where You Are Going?" tract. I asked Dominique if he knew where he was going when he died. He said that he didn't know. I saw several  Spanish men there. Juan, two named Jose, Francisco, Huber, and Guillermo took tracts. 

After work, I went to Super One to get a few things. I gave a "Do You Know Where You Are Going?" tract to  Chris. I gave two more Spanish men (Jose and his friend) tracts inside. I gave the "On a Scale Of 0 -10... " tract to Mitch. He said that he couldn't say 10. I asked him to read the tract and 1 John 5. 
It is very encouraging to witness on a daily basis. Most people have never had a Gospel tract offered to them or anyone speak to them about their soul. Please pray for boldness if you are struggling with witnessing. The more you do it, the more you want to do it! 

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