Saturday, August 23, 2014

Door To Door Evangelism - August 23, 2014

We went out in two groups this morning. We went to where about 15 travel trailers and an rv were behind a convenience store. I had met a man who was staying there through one of our tract challenges. Isaac was from south Louisiana. They are working on the construction of a Centurylink in Monroe. We mostly left door hangers and tracts with our church address on the back. We talked to Roark, a Jehovah's Witness. He seemed pretty steeped in their doctrine. He tried to agree with us a about hell, but they don't believe it. He did take a door hanger. I gave a tract to Mitch who was working at a business by the lot. At Lampkins, the store, we talked with Brian. He was on work release. He has been off of crack cocaine for 10 years. 
We visited Scott and Lisa. Lisa came to church last week with her Uncle David. Scott said that he would come in the morning with Lisa. He is an alcholic. Please pray that he will get saved. We stopped at a few more houses, seeing some of our old neighbors.

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