Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Ark-La-Miss Fair Outreach - Sept. 19, 2014

We had a good night at the Ark-La-Miss fair with 5 of us giving out around 600 tracts in two hours. Rob, Braylyn, Steven, Jonathan, and I were on hand for this event.
There were many there for the first Friday night. Two tracts were well received. The What Happens After #Yolo tract was a hit with the young people. Almost everyone who took one knew what YOLO means. Some smiled when they were offered this tract. A few said that they didn't know what happens after living once. The $1,000,000 Eye Test was a good one to use, too. It is based on the $1,000,000 Eye Test booth at the State Fair Of Texas Outreach, where we will be on October the 19th. I would ask people to take the test when they read the tract. One young man said that he needed to get his eyes checked! I was able to ask a few about how valuable their eye sight is and how more valuable there soul is. We gave out three of the Spanish Ten Commandments tract. 3 young Christian woman told us that they were glad we were out there. I gave them 3 tracts each and invitations to join the tract club. I was able to take Michael, Bryson, and Mickey through the good person test. Each one said that they would be guilty and go to hell. I used the illustration about going through 10 speed limit signs over the limit and being taken to court. I used the street at the front of the fair as where they broke the law. Rob and I talked with a Hindu man who had just moved here from California. He took two tracts. Please pray that the seeds that were planted will grow into eternal life for many!

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