Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Delayed To Meet Demarte

Do you believe that delays could mean that a divine appointment is about to take place? I was delayed from getting off of work on time by two customers this evening. I needed to go to Lifeway before going home. After getting what I needed there, I slipped in to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get a phone charging cord. Antonio helped me to find one. I gave him a "What happens after #YOLO? tract. I stopped at the Circle K to get gas. When going inside to pay, I got behind Demarte in line. The woman in front of him at the counter couldn't find her debit card. This gave me time to talk with Demarte, who is a high school senior. Take a guess at what tract I gave him. I asked him "What happens after you die?" He said that we don't know. "It's up to 'the Man'. We don't know till we get there." I asked him, "Isn't that gambling?" He agreed. I told him the illustration about the 10 speed limit signs, using Hwy. 165 as the road. Please pray that Demarte repents and puts his trust in Jesus! 

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