Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach - Oct. 18, 2014

Bro. Gary, Braylyn (my oldest son), and myself left on Friday to be at the State Fair of Texas Gospel Outreach on Saturday. We had an encouraging time! We gave out and left out tracts on the way to Dallas. The new "What Happens Aftet #Yolo?" tract was taken by several people. Chris took a Thank You tract in Canton when we stopped at a travel center. He recommended a good Mexican restuarant called Carmona's  in Terrell.  That was our next stop. It was good! I gave a Spanish Ten Commandments tract to  Carlos, our server. Juan and two other employees took the What Happens After #Yolo? tract. Also on Terrell, we stopped to meet One Bro. Gary's customers who builds trailers for race cars. We arrived at Arnold's house around 4:30 that evening. Carl Kalbfliesh, his wife Mande, and Brendan met us there for a good time of fellowship and a prayer meeting. 

On Saturday, we arrived at the booth around 9:30. We  had a great time of ministry throughout the day. There were so many that took the "million dollar eye test". We had several to repent and put their trust in Jesus. Stdents from the Gospel For Asia School of Discipleship worked the booth with us throughout the day in two hour shifts. They were from all over the country. One student, Grady, was from Australia. Many took tracts all day long. We had some very profiting conversations where seeds were planted. Mary Ann prayed after talking with one of the students. She had been in rehab. She was really broken. Brandon prayed when another student took him through the law. Rafael  and Sandra really listened as Gary witnessed to them. Tristan prayed with Gary, also. He took in everything that was said. I spoke with Jason, who is the son of a preacher. Carlos thought he was going to Heaven without repenting. Adam sai that Jesus didn't mention Heaven. I quoted a few scriptures to show that he did. One man tore up a Ten Commandments tract and threw it on the counter.  Here are few others who we talked to: William, Alex, Evonne, Daniel, Jerry, Diane, and Ricky. 

It was great witnessing with Carl, Arnold, and Craig from Bezeugen Ministries. I am so thankful to be a part of the ministry. We can't wait till next year!