Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Daily Tract Challenge Scavenger Hunt From Bezeugen Ministries

Mark you calendar for Saturday, January 31st! Then get ready to complete as many of the January #DailyTractChallenges as you can in just ONE DAY! That's right - complete as many of the 30 challenges from January in one day and you could win prizes (aka more tracts to hand out).

On Saturday morning a link will be posted on Facebook to download a form listing the 30 #DailyTractChallenges for the month of January. You get one point for each of the challenges you are able to complete on Saturday, January 31st (midnight to midnight).

Anyone who is able to complete 10 of the #DailtyTractChallenges within the 24 hour period will receive 100 Gospel tracts.

The person who completes the most #DailyTractChallenges during the 24 hour period will receive 250 Gospel tracts.

Special Bonus Prize:
Compete against Bezeugen Ministries Social Media coordinater, Scott Thompson, who coordinates the #DailyTractChallenge. If the winner is able to complete more of the challenges in the 24 hour period than Scott does during the 24 hour period then their first place prize will be doubled to 500 Gospel Tracts!

You can review the #DailyTractChallenge postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in advance to have an idea of the challenges you'll be looking for on Saturday.

Are you ready to go share he Gospel?

You must click join on the Facebook event page prior to the event starting in order to participate.

Participants are on their honor to report the actual number of daily tract challenges that they completed during the 24 hour period beginning 12:00 AM on January 31st.

Each challenge may only be completed once during the 24 hours of the scavenger hunt unless that challenge was repeated during the month in which case it can be completed during the scavenger hunt up to the number of times and scored for each time it is completed. (ie, if one of the challenges is to give someone a tract who is wearing a green shirt, you can not give 100 tracts to people wearing green shirts and claim 100 points. However, as an example, the Wild Card challenge to give a tract to a football fan was repeated during the month, so it can be completed twice during the scavenger hunt).

The maximum score is 31 points - one for each of the daily challenges for each of the 31 days in January.

Here is the link to join in:

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