Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gospel Tract Testimony

Tracts Never Die

Just before a young man was about to embark from the United States as a marine, a woman put in his trunk a single tract. It lay in his trunk neglected for many months traveling thousands of miles in the world's waterways. Returning to this country years later, he was doing shore duty when he found the tract while rummaging through his trunk. To pass the time he read it. His conscience became aroused until he finally accepted Christ as Saviour.

Unlike a sermon, the message of a tract can be printed over and over again into millions of copies and the Word of Life can reach the far corners of the earth. When you give out a tract, you may never know how the Lord may use it. It may pass from hand to hand. It may go around the world. Its message may bring life to countless souls. Tracts never die... and every Christian has the privilege and responsibility

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