Saturday, May 21, 2011

Armageddon Fest - May 20 and 21

We had a great day and night May 20th, into the morning of May 21st ! It started out at 3:30 pm on Friday with Bro. J.J. preaching at Walmart. I joined him about 4:00 and preached once for 8 minutes while my family watched on. I gave a tract to a homeless man who told me ro pray for his dog when I told him that we would pray for him. He wasn't interested in what we had to say. Bro J.J. was out there for an hour and a half. After 9:00 pm, we went to check out Bastrop. We had a great time doing some " drive-by " witnessing. We reached Monroe around 10:30. We went to our new favorite place to preach. The Tsunami was having an " Armageddon Fest " due to the prediction of Family Radio. We had an awesome time there ! The first person we talked to was a homeless man who was passing by. He told us that he was saved, but had trouble with sin. We prayed for him and gave him a gospel of Romans and John. While we were talking to him, a woman asked us for one of the gospels that we had. We gave away about 6 or 7 of them during the night. Next, a man in a wheel chair came to talk to us. We had seen him the last time we preached. The man who picked him up was the one who told us to have fun in hell. This young man had been paralyzed from his waist down since he was 17 after a drunk driver had hit him and his mother. We tried to get through to him with the gospel, but he was bitter with his situation. Please pray for this man. His last name is Miletello.
Many came to us about the doomsday prediction. We had alot of interesting conversations. One
man asked if we were out there because of the prediction. We told him that we did this all the time. The subject of aliens came up twice. When midnite came around, our best heckler came out to say " The rapture happened and you are still here ! " We proclaimed that it was a false prediction, but people need to ready anytime ! The scripture that was quoted by several was "No man knoweth the hour." We ended the night by talking to a man who we had talked to at the Top Gun a while back. Bro J.J. remembered him. What a great night we had !

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  1. Please pray for Donnie Griffin. We believe that God can save him and put him on the street to preach the Gospel !