Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Is Coming!

The Story Of The Hoppy Easter Tract

From The Bezeugen Tract Blog

Seems like every year at Easter time there is a long line at every mall to see the Easter Bunny. It is as if people think that the Easter Bunny is what Easter is actually about. My friend and I often have joked about this in the past saying that we should wish people “Hoppy Easter.” The last couple years we talked about how it would make a good Gospel tract. This year, I decided to make the tract. Amazingly when I searched online on google for “hoppy easter” I found the image that we ended up using on the tract and it even said “Hoppy Easter” on it. The picture was royalty free, so we decided to use it for the tract.

Here is a good story that you can use to talk to people about Easter. The best egg is an empty egg! You see when people do Easter egg hunts, they often put candy, money or toys inside the eggs. The kids love to find these and gather what is inside. However, when the egg is empty, it reminds us that the tomb was empty on Easter Sunday as well. That is the message of Easter. An empty tomb because He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

So many need to here about the hope that we have in Jesus. He died so that we can live. He took our sin on the cross and paid our fine! When witnessing sometimes, I like using this illustration from Ray Comfort's "Hell's Best Kept Secret": 

 “On the way to this meeting, the law clocked you at going 55 miles an hour through an area set aside for a blind children’s convention. There were ten clear warning signs stating that fifteen miles an hour was the maximum speed, but you went straight through at 55 miles an hour. What you did was extremely dangerous; there’s a $25,000 fine. The law was about to take its course, when someone you don’t even know stepped in and paid the fine for you. You are very fortunate.”

Wouldn't you be thankful that that person paid your fine? That's what Jesus did! We broke all of the Ten Commandments, but Jesus took our place so that we wouldn't have to go to hell!  

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