Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gospel Tract Spotlight

Gospel tracts are a great way to witness. Some people may read a tract before they will listen to a Christian. I have been giving out tracts ever since I have been saved. It is a very healthy addiction ! Not only can you hand them out, but you can put them in many places to speak to someone who needs the Lord Jesus Christ. I have made a few tract holders and placed them at a couple of laundry mats. ( We highly recommend removing Jehovah's Witness material and replacing them with great Gospel tracts in laundry mats ! ) Pay phone booths are ideal, but it seems that they are becoming extinct. There are still a few at Walmart. I like to put one on a newspaper stand. People can get the Good News while they are getting the news ! Pray that the Lord will lead you where to place them. Some places that you should not place them are mail boxes ( It is against the law. ) and any place of business that enforces a law that prohibits from solicitation, like a mall or private owned property.
The tracts in the picture are from Gospel Nuggets, Inc. In West Monroe, Louisiana, which is overseen by Bro. Huey Diffey and his wife. They send tracts and literature in many languages all over the world. Their most popular tract is probably " Has Your Account Been Settled ? " Bro. Diffey has wrote most of their tracts. His friend, the late A.J. Ogden, wrote " Heaven And How To Get There " . Bro. Diffey told me that he was a great soul-winner, leading a nurse to the Lord when he was about to enter into Heaven ! What a way to go !
The web site for Gospel Nuggets, Inc. is or you can write @ Gospel Nuggets, Inc.
6241 Jonesboro Rd.
West Monroe, La.
USA. 71292 -0369
When ordering, please send a donation to cover printing, shipping, and handling.
We use Gospel tracts. Do you ? God bless !

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