Friday, June 10, 2011


I found a great definition of a roadblock. It is a barrier that is put up by the police or the military to catch a fugitive. God has his roadblocks. I remember when I ran into one.I was traveling life's highway, thinking that I had everything in control. I lived for myself, following hard after the world. Then one day I crashed. It seemed like the world pulled the rug from under my feet. God had a roadblock set up for me. I was running from Him, but He didn't give up on running after Me. People would try to witness to me, but I would just brush them off. There was a group of young people preaching and witnessing at my favorite club one night. I tried my best to avoid them. Then, on New Year's Eve 1992, I wrecked my truck after leaving that club. I was so drunk that I didn't know what had happened. I woke up at my friends apartment that morning around 10:00. I had to call the police department to find out where my truck was. I had hit a utility pole on a street corner, breaking it into. My truck was totaled. I had the front part of my hair dyed blonde. The police had found some of that hair in the windshield of the truck. The man who had towed my truck said that he hadn't seen many people walk away from an accident like that. Two months later, I was waiting on a customer at work in Shreveport. We were talking about our product when we started talking about Jesus and church. She asked me where I was going to church. I told her that I was trying to go back. She said " You are not doing anything . You better come back to Jesus now ! Those words spoke to me , making me think. God had a roadblock set up ! I got my dad's bible to read. I got saved at my apartment around March 15, 1993 ! What a change God had made in my life !
Three men that we have come in contact with through our street ministry have been arrested lately ! The first one has been arrested three times since we had a meeting with him. He is the one that caused Bro. J.J. To throw his shoes away on the first night we preached at the Tsunami. Another has been arrested twice. I gave a tract to a young man at Walmart. He looked like he would be the type not to take it, but he did and said that he was a member of a certain church. He was booked on a dwi charge this week. Some just try to go right through the roadblocks. I hope that your prayer is that God will use you in His plan to set up roadblocks for those who are fugitives from His mercy !

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