Saturday, June 18, 2011

Street Preaching - June 17

We started the night off by going to Walmart for a little time of preaching. One man asked " Why Walmart ? " The reason that we do this is that there are many people who go to Walmart , especially on a weekend night . Also, there are many driving by on the road. We also hold up signs, too. We see this as an opportunity to reach someone with the Gospel. Street preachers like to go where there is a good crowd of people. We had a few stop to listen.  Before we started, we talked to a man that I knew. We pray that we encouraged him. 

We reached the bars around 11:00. We got there right before it picked up. We ran into several " Christians " . Many profess , but they don't really understand what it means to be a true Christian . Bro. J.J. talked to one young man who said that he was a Christian , but he was still in love with the world. We talked to another young man who was there the first night that we preached there. As before, he told us that he appreciated us being there. We invited him to come to church. We are hoping that he sees his need for the Savior and sells out to God. Then we saw the man that has been arrested three times since our first encounter with him. We let him know that we were praying him. A woman approached us to tell us that she was a Christian and appalled that we were out there . We could not reason with her no matter what we said . It looked like she was about to slap Bro. J.J., but she left when the man that said that he appreciated us came up.  
We both got to preach this night. While Bro. J.J. was preaching, a man tried to drown us out by driving his car up  and playing his music loud. He only did this for about 5 minutes. They may not want us to be there , but we have to obey the Lord in caring about their souls. Many were listening while they were outside of the bars. We pray that some were thinking about the Lord Jesus when they got away from the crowd. We have also posted new videos on the Youtube channels. Until next time, Happy Soul-winning !

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