Sunday, August 14, 2011

Evangelism Update - August 14, 2011

Walmart seemed to be the hot spot for this week. I haven't been holding any signs or crosses on the corners because of the extreme temperatures. I am ready for cooler weather ! I talked to a young man named Phillip while waiting in line at Walmart one day after work. We talked about fishing. I gave him a tract after I got my purchase. I talked to Roosevelt and Marquez at the pharmacy area. Roosevelt was from Minnesota. I asked him if there were any Christians up there ! He said that he was saved. He saw a tract that I had put down. I told him that I do this everywhere I go. I pray that I encouraged him. There is a man named Victor that I worked with at Sam's about sixteen years ago. Everytime he sees me, he will ask " What you got for me ? " . He knows that I have tracts on me all the time. I saw him and his wife this week. He is going to saved one of these days; hopefully soon !
We just finished our Youth Awakening tonight ! We had a refreshing time in the Lord. Bro. Ben Brock from Bristow, OK. preached every night except Saturday. A young woman, who came to
our church when she was younger, prayed that night. We had at least 4 prodigals pray this week ! One of them will be preaching with us on the streets like he did several years ago.
We are praying about going to evangelize at a rap concert in two weeks. The local fair will be here on September the 22nd. We may be able to do both Friday nights. This attracts many young people. We have witnessed there several times before. Please pray for our outreaches. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. Let us know if we have encouraged you in any way by leaving a comment. May God bless your evangelism efforts this week !

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