Monday, November 28, 2011

Soul Patrol !

pa·trol (p-trl)
1. The act of moving about an area especially by an authorized and trained person or group, for purposes of observation, inspection, or security.
2. A person or group of persons who perform such an act.

As Christians, we observe that people need the Lord. You might can say that we are on soul patrol, looking for souls to witness to. We are pointing souls to Calvary; to where we have been to receive forgiveness of our sins.
The tract in the picture is from the latest supply of tracts from The Bezeugen Tract Club. At the Walmart gas pumps tonight, I observed that there was a young man working on his speakers in the trunk of his car. I pulled out this tract out of my tract holder. As I gave it to him, I told him that I hoped that he had a Merry Christmas and that I was part of the soul patrol ! The tract talks about the symbolism behind the legend of the candy cane and ties it in with the gospel message. Christmas time can give us opportunities to witness about our great salvation. I'm glad that I'm part of the soul patrol !

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