Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Tracting Ideas

I modified the tract holder to accommodate The Biggest Gamble? Tract. I have it in the laundry mat, also. Most tracts are taken. A few get destroyed by unwatched children! There are endless ideas for Gospel tracting! Tonight, I put tracts out on benches at a convenience store where I get water from a a dispenser. There will be some men sitting there in the morning. Hopefully, they will be discussing the Gospel! I also left one in the machine where the change comes out. Anywhere that people have to get change from purchasing anything is a good place for a tract if the tract fits without bending or wrinkling it. You always want the tract to be in excellent condition when it is picked up. The same is true when you are giving a tract to someone.
When I am in line at a convenience store and there are newspapers or other types of advertising material, I will slip a tract in a few of them while I am waiting. One time, I was putting tracts in free magazines that were in a stand outside of a nearby store. My Pastor caught me red handed! I was guilty of trying to get a Gospel tract into the hand of someone that might get saved!
I also like putting tracts on the counter when I am buying something. If possible, I'll give a tract to the person behind me.
The lottery ticket stands are always screaming "Tract me! Tract me!" How can a soul-winner resist that cry! The Biggest Gamble? tract is perfect for these stands!
Where do you leave tracts? Do you have a unique idea that you would like to share? Would you like to give out more tracts? You can do it! So many are without Jesus! So many are being driven by the sin that controls them! I saw a woman at a store today, buying beer and scratch-off lottery tickets. She put the beer in her bag before leaving the store. She was under a heavy load. I could see the burden of sin on her face. As I was leaving, she was on foot. I stopped to hand her a tract. She took it. I pray that she will give her burdens to the One who bore our burdens! What are you waiting for? Somebody is waiting for you!

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