Friday, April 20, 2012

Soul-Winning In North Louisiana Turns One!

It has been one year since Soul-Winning In North Louisiana began. We were wanting to start a website that would encourage other Christians in evangelism and inform about what we did in street ministry. I had heard about blogging, but had never been to a blog on the internet. Last April, Bro Davy Boggs and his family were in revival at our church. He told me about their blog, Mile Markers-Boggs Blogs. He gave me the instructions to start blogging with The rest is a year of history! It has been an exciting one! I've been greatly encouraged by other blogs. Steve Sanchez introduced me to the Bezuegen Tract Club through his blog, Stone The Preacher. From there, I came in contact with Carl Kalbfleisch, who works with Bezeugen Ministries. He invited me to post on the As You Go blog where we encourage believers to distribute tracts as they go about every day life. Paul Latour, out of Ottawa, Canada, has a great evangelism blog called The Word Street Journal. His post has gave me encouragement and inspiration. I built a street cross after seeing a few of his YouTube videos. I also found His Feet On The Street, where Wayne Albrecht gives his influence on soul-winning. Tony Miano, from On The Box, got me interested in Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System when he talked about it on August the 22nd. I have just 13 more days to finish reading the Bible all the way through for the first time in the 19 years that I have been a Christian!
I have heard from several that have viewed the blog. One person from Russia has been in contact with me via email. I am thankful for every comment and everyone that has been to Soul-Winning in North Louisiana. I pray that we have encouraged many through these post on street preaching, witnessing, and Gospel tracting. I pray that we will continue to do so until our blessed Savior returns for His Bride! Happy Soul-winning!


  1. Congratulations, brother!
    Thanks for the shout out too...


    1. Thanks, Bro. Davy! Welcome back! Sis. Odie did a great job on the blog!