Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Night Evangelism

We had great time Friday night as we we went to evangelize at the Tsunami and the Hookin' Bull. We were joined by Bro. J.T. and Bro. Garan from the Holly Ridge area. I met Bro. J.T. at the Family Christian Bookstore one night when I was talking to his friend, Bro. James, who works there. He said that he put Chick Tracts in beer cases at stores. I told him about what we did in street ministry and witnessing. He contacted me Sunday about wanting to go with us. We have been praying that there were other brothers out there who were doing street ministry. Bro. J.T. And Bro. Garan met with Bro. Day, Bro. J.J. and I last night to proclaim the Gospel! Bro. Gary, Bro. Garan's father joined us later at the bars. They were a blessing to the ministry!
At first, we stopped at a convenience store to get a drink. I think we all gave out and put out at least one tract! Then, we arrived at the bars. The first one we talked to was a woman that went to church, but was ok with drinking and going to the bar. Josh came over about the same time she did. We talked with him for a long time.
He said that he watched Christian videos all the time on YouTube. He said that he was addicted to prescription drugs. As Bro. J.T. was giving him a "This Was Your Life" tract, he said that he had got the same tract from inside the bar! (He showed it to us.) Somehow, this tract had got in the bar before we got there! We prayed for him, for God to deliver and save him. This was definitely a divine appointment!
We had a few conversations with some. We gave out several tracts. Bro. J.T. brought the trillion dollar bill tract.
Donnie, the bar manager, came out with young men that had cameras and video recorders. He wanted to talk to us about why we thought gay people were sinners. He always brings this issue up. After he left, his friends took tracts from us.We talked to two men that cleaned the bar. After talking to Samuel for a little, I found out that I had led his niece to the Lord back around 1996 when I worked at Sam's. I had gave her a Chick tract when I was leaving to place tracts out where a casino picked up patrons to go to Vicksburg. She came out to where I was, crying, and we prayed right there! Another man came out and asked if we did any gardening. He didn't want to hear what we had to say. He had been drinking a little.
One man slipped a "This Was Your Life" tract into his back pocket as he went into the Hookin' Bull. Prayerfully, he read it when he sobered up!
Please pray for us as we continue to reach out to the lost. We were really encouraged from last night's efforts! There is joy in obeying God!

UPDATE ON JOSH: 5/20/12 pm Josh came to church tonight! We were thrilled when he walked in! He came down to the altar after Bro. Tracy preached on "Things That God Breaks" out of Psalms 107. He is the first one to come to the church from our bar ministry. He told me that he felt something lift off him tonight! Please pray with us that God continues to work in his life and that he gets everything he needs! This is so encouraging! Let's keep on reaching out for souls!

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