Sunday, May 6, 2012

This Week In Witnessing

I pray that the fire of evangelism
Is burning bright in your life! I am looking for opportunities more than ever. On Tuesday morning, I went out with the cross on my favorite street corner for about 20 minutes. One woman honked her horn several times as she drove by.
I have had good conversations with a few men at Walmart. I am trying to talk to more people as I am out and about . On Thursday evening, I spoke with Raymond after giving him The Biggest Gamble tract. He said that he went to church, but wasn't saved. I challenged him to stop delaying and turn to Jesus. I also gave him a Get Out Of Hell Free Card. Please pray for Raymond.
On the way to work on Saturday morning, I went though the drive-thru at McDonald's. I asked both employees at the windows " For a free Gospel tract, are you going to Heaven or hell?" The second woman said that she was going to heaven.
After work, I went to get a few things at Walmart. I gave tracts to a few workers as I went through the store. One named Kenneth admitted that he was far from God. One asked where the tract came from. (When I give a tract to some, they will turn the tract over to see where the tract is from. I explain that I am not a Mormon or Jehovah Witness.) I talked with Steve and Roy at the checkout. Steve seemed to have a church background. He said that God had a blessing for him. Roy was probably about 55. After I gave him The Biggest Gamble tract, he said that he was on of the biggest gamblers with
his soul.
Thanks for stopping in to read this post. Have a great soul-winning week!

(The picture is from the Ouachita River in Monroe, La.)

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