Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Week In Witnessing - Oct.19 - Nov. 4, 2012

Monday - I passed out several tracts as we shopped for groceries at Walmart. The highlight was when I asked our cashier, Brittany, if she knew if she was going to Heaven. She said that she wasn't. I gave her a million dollar bill tract when she gave us the amount of our bill. 

Tuesday - Walking into Walmart after work, I gave Spanish gospel coins to Jesus and Mario. They has purchased beer. Jesus had been drinking already. Later on I ran into another man who had been drinking, also. After I gave him a million, he asked if he could use it in a card game! I talked with Patel, a Hindu man, in line at the pharmacy. He is a doctor at a local hospital. He took a Man Card from me. This is the 2nd doctor from India that I have got to talk with lately. 

Wednesday - I preached at Abundant Life Holiness Church in Bernice. 
After service, we ate at the KFC/Taco Bell in Farmerville. I gave a million and a Man Card to VeeCee, an employee there. I also have two to his co-workers. 
We went to Walmart afterwards where I gave two Spanish Gospel coins to Alberto and Casida. 

Thursday - A Burger King employee received a million dollar bill tract at lunch. After church that night, we went to the local Chevron. A woman commented about my daughter's hair. I said to her: " I'll give you a million dollar bill for that compliment." She asked for one for her daughter-in-law. I also gave her one to give to her son. She said that he wrestles alligators. They were moving from Arkansas to South Louisiana. 

Friday - I went to try out the La Hacienda at lunch. I saw Luis and his co-workers. I had gave him a coin a few weeks ago at a bank. I was able to give his friends coins. I left one with my waiter's tip. As I paid my bill, two more employees took a Spanish coin. I left a Get Out Of Hell Free card in place of a Jehovah's Witness tract at Water By The Gallon. On the way home before getting gas at Walmart,I gave him a million while he was getting his. He til me that he wasn't ready to go to heaven. He was going to church, but was living with a woman. He was glad that I stopped to talk with him. Please pray that he will get saved. 
I placed out a few of the Great Pumpkin tracts that I had in the Dollar Tree that night. They still had some halloween items out. 

Saturday - I talked to Danner at our church yard sale. He remembered me from giving him a Spanish tract at the laundry mat. I invited him and his friend, Michelle, to our revival that we have this week. I also gave coins to Oswaldo and Francesca. I went to a few neighborhoods to pass out our revival fliers. I left tracts with some on the doors of those who weren't home. I spoke with Mike who just had surgery. I invited Juan, Pablo, and Orlando to revival as I gave them the Trivia Del Futbol tract. I gave a million to Rory at a local convenience store where I put a flier up. He said that he was on work release. 

Sunday - After church we went to the Dollar General. I had about 8 Great Pumpkin tracts left that were placed in items on the halloween clearance table. 

He that winneth souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30

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