Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gospel Tract Spotlight - Christmas Tracts

Christmas presents many opportunities for witnessing and tract distribution. There are all the displays  in stores and malls screaming for Gospel tracts to be placed on them! There will be plenty of people shopping that need to be told the  real meaning of Christmas. They may be thinking about baby Jesus in the manger, but they should hear from us how he grew up and was crucified on the Cross to give us the gift of eternal life! My prayer is, that as you witness more this Christmas, it will encourage you to witness more during the rest of the year! 
December's Bezeugen Tract Club mailing had all Christmas tracts enclosed: The Legend Of The Candy Cane, Merry Christmas, Christ-mas, and What List Are You? 
The Legend Of The Candy Cane gives account of the Urban legend claim that the candy cane speaks about Jesus.
Then, the tract presents the Gospel message. 
Merry Christmas talks about why we don't say the politically correct "Happy Holidays" and the real meaning of Christmas. 
Christ-Mas gives the definition of Christmas from on the front. The back has scripture from Luke 2. The law is presented, also. 
What List Are You On? is similar to the Are You A Good Person? tract. It has a red bulb on the front that "will fade" if whoever puts their thumb on it is a good person. It has the Ten Commandment test on the back. 

There are many other Christmas Tracts that you can find to witness with. I will be using these this Christmas, praying that someone will receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord!

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