Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Night Evangelism - May 10, 2013

We met at 9:30 pm in the Monroe Walmart parking lot. Bro Gary, Bro J.T., and I stopped at the Cracker Barrel convenience store before going to the bar. We put some tracts in several beer cases. When I went to get a water, a woman that was working in the cooler said "Boo!". I said "Here's a million dollar bill for doing that." We talked to a guy named Eric at the register. A man named Robbie thought he knew me. I gave him a tract, too. Bro J.T. talked with Ray in the parking lot.
Rain was in the the forecast, but we were praying that The Lord would hold it back! We had a great time of prayer before we preached! We do what we call "the walk". We pray while we walk to railroad tracks and back. We stopped at the tracks and The Lord was with us!
The bar that we went to is where we have been going. It used to be The Tsunami, but it closed down. The new owners named it The Trial. There were plenty of people hanging out on the porch. I brought a milk crate to stand on while we preached. I started out preaching about the Ten Commandments. Bro. J. T. reached while he preached. We didn't have much heckling and no one came over to talk to us. Bro Gary gave three men tracts when they were in the parking lot.
After it started raining, we went to the truck. It slacked up, so we went back to preach a little more till it rained more. After that, we called it a night. We can't wait till next time!!!

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