Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gospel Tract Spotlight - The Texting Tract

If you are a member of the Bezeugen Tract Club, you received the texting tract in the July mailing. This is a great tract to witness with because just about everyone sends text messages on a daily basis. I have gave some out to people as they were on their phone or text messaging. As I gave a few out tonight, I would say "Here's the world's smallest iPhone!" Then I would explain about it being a tract. Several people had their iPhones in their hands. Here is the story behind the texting tract from the Bezeugen Tract Club Site:

The story of the Texting Tract 

When handing out Gospel tracts, one of the simplest ways to get people to take them is to ask "did you get one of these" and hand them the tract. Most people will take the tract and say Thanks! At many large events like ball games or concerts, we will often stand someplace where there is a line of people streaming buy and hand out the tracts asking over and over again "did you get one of these?"

As people walk past taking the tracts, sometimes you'll hear someone who has already passed by ask "what is it?" as they have walked past. If they are still within ear shot we might reply "it's a Gospel tract!"

That gave me an idea. Why not just print on the card on one side "It's a Gospel tract" and then hand them out. People would be asking them self "what is it" and then look down and read it on the card and realize that it is a Gospel tract.

As I continued to pray about this idea the Lord gave me the idea to make the tract look like a smart phone with a text message dialog on it. This lead to the card that we have released.

Our experience handing out this card has been overwhelmingly positive. Yes, we can use the line "did you get one of these?" and I have had people ask that, look at the card and answer it for them self. So, it has accomplished its intended purpose.

However, the card can also be handed out in a manner of asking someone "do you have the world's thinnest iPhone?" Or, you can ask, "with your phone can you call God?" We have used that to say with this one you can because "anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!"

We pray that the texting tract will open the door to many one on one conversations to share the Gospel. You can read about other witnessing encounters with this tract in the As You Go BLOG.

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