Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Friday Night Evangelism - November 8, 2013

On Friday night, we went to the Trial Bar in Monroe. We met at the Walmart parking lot after 9:30. There was five of us on tap for the night: myself, Gary, JJ, Rob, and his friend, Chad. It was Chad's first time with us. It wasn't a very large crowd when we got to the club. They played recorded music for most of the night, with a few soloist playing. JJ was able to preach one good round. As soon as we got there, we heard several conversations about us being there. One man was comparing us with a man that comes out there. We have always went out there with the goal of presenting the right spirit when we preach and deal with people one on one. They have to see our concern for their souls. Too many street preachers have went out with a bad spirit, giving us a bad name. The patrons want to group us with them, but realize that we are different when they talk with us. This happened twice this night. Erin came to talk to Gary and me. She was the designated driver for her friend. She said that she was a Christian who liked 80's music. She told us that there were street preachers in her home time that were rude. She thanked us for not being like them. One highlight for the night was when I talked with Craig. We had talked with him a while back when he played with a band called Electric Sermon. After he talked with us, his band was up to play. We heard him say "There's some Christian protesters out there. This first song is about the devil." This time, he was playing solo. He came over with the intention to heckle. I called him by name when he came over. I told him that I remembered him from that night. He described the other man that comes out there. He realized that we weren't like him.We talked about Jesus' death on the cross; how that all the sins of the world were placed on him at that one moment. He asked me to forgive him for heckling us! I gave him a card that had had the link to Genius: the Movie and the Million Dollar Eye Test booklet that I had brought back from the State Fair Outreach. Please pray that Craig will be saved!
One young man wanted to have his picture taken with me with our street cross.Rob said that he do the pagan sign. When he came back out to his vehicle, I told him he had to take a tract since he had his picture taken with me. I found out that his name was Mike. Later on, him and his friend "Mighty" Mike came back out while I was talking with Craig. "Mighty" Mike took a tract, too. JJ, Rob, & Chad talked with Elizabeth and a friend. Then, she talked with Bro. Gary and me. She said that she thought it was ok to drink in moderation, but she was a little drunk.
JJ tried to reason with Jeremy, a tattoo artist. He wasn't being logical, wondering why we didn't go preach at churches (i.e: mosques and cults) that we thought were wrong. JJ was trying to make the point that Jesus was the only way to Heaven. He was the last encounter for the night. We stayed longer than we thought. We always have a great time. I thank The Lord that he has bought us together with more men to witness with us. We can't wait till next time!

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