Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Story Of The Million Dollar Eye Test Booth At The Texas State Fair

This is from the site of the Full Gospel Business Men of America. They sponsor the booth - 
We rent a 10’ x 10’ x 10’ outdoor, weather protected, well-lighted, heavy duty canvas booth. It is strategically located on the busiest thoroughfare inside the Fairgrounds across from the world famous fried food vendors. We mount an attention grabbing sign in the booth that says “Take the Million Dollar Eye Test”. People are drawn to the booth to take the test. The test allows us to diagnose their spiritual condition; they are either alive in Christ or dead in their sins. We then proclaim the gospel to those who need it. This gospel proclamation process goes non-stop for 12 hours each of 24 days of the Fair.

We start the conversation like this (idea from Ray Comfort -

Would you sell one of your eyes for a million dollars? Would you sell both for $50 million? I’m sure you wouldn’t. Your eyes are priceless, yet they are merely the windows of your soul. What then must your life (soul) be worth?

Then, we take the person through the  law. (The Good Person Test.) 

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