Saturday, June 24, 2017

Witnessing - June 24, 2017

My youngest son and I did a two tract challenge at Fred's and Dollar General in our search for pancake mix. At Dollar General, he placed out the How To Get To Heaven list tract and I gave one out. At Fred's, he placed out a texting tract and I gave one to Josh, who is the Vice President for a biker group called Los Solitarios. .

Two employees at Brookshire's took a Uncle Sam tract when we got water today. Picking up prescriptions for my wife at Walmart, a man and an employee (Leno) took a May The Lord Be With You tract. The cashier at Super One took a May The Lord Be With You tract. On the way back home, my wife called to say that she needed cream cheese. At Brookshire's again, I gave a Uncle Sam tract to Donald. He asked if it was from a church. He said that he had just moved here from Dallas. I gave him MyCard and directions to our church. At Circle K, I gave a woman the Minion Million. A man took the Seinfeld Million. 

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