Sunday, September 29, 2013

Outreach At the Ark-La-Miss Fair - 2013

It was fair time again in Monroe, La. We do an outreach every year there on the last Friday night of this ten day event. We have open air preached near the front of it several times, but it was great for tracts and one on ones for the last 2 years. We had a total of 9 of us out there. It may have been the most ever to witness with us. Bro. Charles, Bro Gary, Bro. Rob, Bro. Buddy, Bro. Jonathan, Bro. J.J., Bro. Michael, my 13 year old son- Braylyn, and myself came together to pass out around 650-700 Gospel tracts. It seemed like the crowd was larger than last year. We split up to catch people as they were entering and leaving the fair grounds. I also brought the Are You Ready cross, which we held for a whole. I leaned it against a pole for most of the night so that I could help with the tracts. Some people said "I am ready!" as they walked by. It was Bro. Michael's and Braylyn's first time to come out with us. Braylyn was nervous, but got the fire stirred up once he started! He ended up giving out 45 tracts! This was Bro. Rob's 2nd time to be out with us, but the 1st for a large event like this. He was really stirred up when he went to the Trial Bar with us last month Read "The Night Of The Atheists" post about that 

Speaking about that night, we saw Tim and Hunt with their friends. They are the two atheist that we met at the Trial Bar. They recognized Bro. Rob and saw the other men standing near the cross. I was talking to a couple that were engaged. When they walked up to the others, they asked "Are you evangelical Christians?". I told Hunt that I listened to the No God Podcast when they interviewed Ray Comfort. They were on their way out. It was good that they saw us again, busy about the Master's business! 

Bro. Gary and Bro. Charles gave out all the tracts they had. Bro. Charles had brought million dollar bills with him. They had several conversations. I think Bro. Gary talked with a Jehovah Witness. I gave out 6 Spanish coins to two Spanish families that were leaving. Bro. J.J had several conversations, also. He had several one on ones. I saw a few customers that have got glasses from where I work. I also saw a few people that I knew. I gave my card to my friend, Danny. Bro. Michael had already given him a Football Trivia tract. We gave out about 180 of those. A lot of people were coming from the area football games. One man that Bro. Michael remembered giving a tract to was arrested at the gate for threatening the police. I talked with a young man named Ramon. He said that he was saved, but he seemed so cold and indifferent. He took 2 tracts, though. 

This was a great night of evangelism. We pray that someone will be saved through these efforts. On October the 19th, I will be going to the Texas state fair in Dallas to help out with the evangelism booth with Carl from Bezeugen ministries. OnDecember the  14th, there be a flotilla on the Ouachita River with the Duck Dynasty cast in Monroe. This ought to draw in a lot of people. Please pray for God to use us mightily for his glory. God bless! 

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