Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Few "Don'ts" Of Gospel Tract Distribution

Here is a list of a few "Don'ts" when it comes to gospel tract etiquette. When giving tracts out, you want to be a good witness.

1) Don't leave a tract if you are not leaving a tip for your waiter or waitress when you go out to eat. I don't think that person would want to read it if they didn't receive a tip for their service.
2) Don't give a tract out that is stained, torn, wet, or creased. You want to make sure that it is in perfect condition.
3) Don't get upset if someone refuses a tract. If the person doesn't take it, there is always someone that will around the corner. For every reject, there are many takes!
4) Don't place them in mailboxes. It is against the law. Read this from the As You Go blog :
5) Don't go anywhere without tracts. There is always someone to witness to everywhere and many places to leave a tract. Gas pumps make great tract holders! The ministry of Gospel tracts can go a long way! God will use a tract when a person will not listen to you. When I give a tract to someone and time does not permit a conversation, I'll ask that person to read it when he or she can.
And last on this list: 6) Don't be discouraged! Discouragement is one of the greatest tools of the devil. He will tell you it's useless in giving out tracts. One of the biggest lies of the enemy is that tracts aren't effective. Tell that to Hudson Taylor! Tell that to Frank Genor! Tell that to all this who have been saved by reading a Gospel tract! Tell that to those who have put tracts into the hands of souls who are lost without Jesus! One cashier at Walmart told me that the tracts I gave her has her thinking! She is not saved yet, but I pray that she will be soon! Don't get discouraged! Don't give up! Keep on sowing seeds! Tracts do work! And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. (Galatians 6:9 KJV)


  1. Thanks much, Scott! Very good reminders!
    God bless!

  2. Thanks, Bro. Kostya! I pray that God is blessing your labor with fruit!

  3. I'd just like to pass on another way to help spread the gospel and it's simply this:-

    Include a link to an online gospel tract (e.g. as part of your email signature.

    An email signature is a piece of customizable HTML or text that most email applications will allow you to add to all your outgoing emails. For example, it commonly contains name and contact details - but it could also (of course) contain a link to a gospel tract.

    For example, it might say something like, "p.s. you might like this gospel cartoon ..." or "p.s. have you seen this?".

    1. That is a great idea! I've been sharing tracts on Twitter and Facebook lately!