Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gospel Tract Spotlight

The Bezeugen Tract Club sends out 30 free Gospel tracts per month to those who join. These are little cards that are easy to hand out or put in different places. Bezeugen ( pronounced Beh-zoo-gen ) is the German word for testify. The Club challenges you to give out a tract a day. They package the tracts on the first Monday of each month and then mail them later that week. To join, go to . Please check out the " As You Go " section. The tracts that are sent out can be ordered from . They are easy to carry and distribute " As You Go " everywhere ! Happy Soul-Winning !


  1. Sounds like good sowing, brother!


  2. I am almost out of my last supply ! These are real good conversation starters. God Bless the Boggs Family !