Friday, July 29, 2011

Evangelism Update - July 28, 2011

I went to the corner of Lamy and Louisville at lunch on Monday. I got to give out a few tracts. I worked in Ruston that afternoon. After leaving , I had to get a few things at Walmart. You know what that meant ! My first witness was to a Spanish man in the electronics department. After talking to him, I discovered that I didn't have my keys ! I went back to our van to confirm my mistake ! I didn't want to call a locksmith, so I tried to find some things to unlock the van myself. In my searching, I gave tracts to workers in the garden department and the sports department. I also left a tract in a card holder in the vision center. As I was trying to unlock the van, a man came to my aid. I had to go buy a screwdriver to use with a camping utensil that I purchased earlier. After unlocking the door, I gave the man ten dollars and four tracts ( He had three friends with him. )
Sometimes we have go to make the best of a situation !

On Tuesday, I went through the drive-thru at Church's Chicken. I was informed that the chicken
would be ready in fifteen minutes. I didn't want to wait; so I went to Super One to get
chicken from the deli. While I was there, I gave out five Spanish tracts. I gave a tract to
the woman that gave me the chicken. I talked to a gentleman that had previously worked at
Walmart. He asked me to pray for him.

At lunch on Wednesday, I studied for jail service at the library. I left a few tracts lying
around there. On the way to jail service, Bro. J.J. and I left a few tracts at a Chevron. We
has a great service at Claiborne Parish Detention Center. A man that got saved a few months
ago has been giving Bro. J.J. letters to let us know how God I working in his life. He is
breaking it off with his unsaved girlfriend. He said that the Lord has helped him with his
anger problem. Tracts were left at McDonald's after service. I got to talk to a man
briefly as I gave him one.

My mother has been in the hospital since Wednesday morning. At lunch on Thursday, I went to
see her. She was getting a test done when I got there. I gave a tract to a man that was on the
phone. As I went, I placed a few tracts here and there. I put a Gospel of John and Romans in
the lobby.I stopped at the Dollar General to get pencil sharpeners for my children on my way
home from work. A couple went to a closed register as I approached the open one. I let them go
ahead of me since they were there first. When they were leaving, I offered the man a tract. I
thought that he wouldn't take it, but he did ! How was your week ?

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