Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth Of July Fireworks In Monroe

Happy Independence Day to those in the United States of America ! Thank
the Lord for the freedom that we have here to share our faith and worship our Savior. Bro J.J. and I went
to the annual firework display held by the Monroe Jaycees on Saturday night. This attracts many
from the area. The fireworks only lasted for about thirteen minutes, but we evangelized for
almost an hour. We caught the crowd when they were leaving. We were able to give out over one
hundred tracts with only five hitting the ground. One man threw two on the ground after he took them from me. I got a little preachy for a minute. He came back a few minutes later to tell me that I shouldn't cram it down people's throats. I told him that I wasn't; that we were out there because we loved him. Another young man in a vehicle asked where we went to church. I told him the name of our church. He asked if we were apostolic. I told him that we were pentecostal, holiness, and trinitarian. He suggested that we read Acts 2:38. I proclaimed " I'm saved ! I'm saved ! I'm saved ! " We had a few brief conversations with a few. We were so encouraged from this that we went to the corner of Lamy Lane and Louisville Ave. for another forty minutes. We were able to give out a few more tracts to some who were stopped at the traffic light.
One man said that seeing us there made him think that we were the only two sane people on earth ! He was out with the party crowd ! The time is short, brothers and sisters ! We must take advantage of every opportunity to evangelize the lost ! Thanks for reading ! Happy Fourth of July to our American friends ! Happy soul-winning to all !

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