Monday, July 18, 2011

Evangelism Update - July 18, 2011

Here is an update on what we have been doing lately. About two weeks ago, Bro. J.J. went to do some early morning evangelizing at Walmart. He arrived there around 8:00. He was joined by Lance Levy who recently prayed. He attends our church now. Lance helped with holding a sign while we preached. I got there on my lunch around 11:15. Bro. J.J. was there for about four hours. We posted a short YouTube video titled " Look To Jesus " from this day. On June 28, we met up on my lunch. The YouTube video from then is called " When You Take Your Last Breath, Your Decision Is Forever Made ". Another day , Bro J.J. went to Bastrop with Bro. Jonathan Day holding the sign . There were several listening as the Gospel was being preached.

Another sign has been made for the street ministry. It is the one in the picture above. We plan on making more and ordering a few. We also plan on making a couple of new crosses.

Last Tuesday night after prayer meeting at church, I felt like getting the large cross and
holding it in front of our church. I was just there for about five minutes when a man on a
bike came by. I gave a tract to him before he went to a store that was near by. He came back and
asked for money to buy something to eat. I was able to talk to him for a few minutes. I found
out that he used to sing In the choir at the church he once went to. I encouraged him to get
back to the Lord. I gave him a few dollars and a Gospel with Romans and John. After he left
the store, he stopped to thank me. Please pray for Dennis. I gave tracts to four other people
that were walking by.

I placed another " Are You Ready ? " tract holder at a laundry mat in Monroe. A kind
lady that was working allowed me to put it there.

Bro. Aaron and Sis. Victoria Hough have been at our church this summer,
helping out with children's church and preaching. They are graduates of Free Gospel Bible
Institute in Export, Pa . Sis. Victoria is originally from our church. Bro. Aaron went out
with Bro. J.J. on Friday night to the trio of clubs. They said that they were swarmed with bar
patrons as soon as they got there. They weren't able to preach much due to this. It was
like the first night we preached there. One intoxicated young man said that he read
Proverbs and even quoted the verses that dealt with drinking. He said that the hard part was obeying them. Bro. J.J said that a couple of fights almost broke out. We may be getting through to a few of the regulars.

We are planning to go to the annual Watermelon Festival in Farmerville on the night of July the 29th. There will be many attending this event. Please pray for us to reach some souls that night . Until next time, Happy Soul-winning !

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