Friday, July 29, 2011

Louisiana Watermelon Festival In Farmerville

The 48th annual Louisiana Watermelon Festival is going on this weekend in Farmerville. It is held on the last weekend of every July. A street dance with a live band took place tonight. Bro. J.J. and I went to evangelize because a lot of people usually attend this. There was also a carnival coinciding with the street dance. We had preached there several years ago. The crowd wasn't as large as we expected it to be, but there was enough people to witness to. We each took a street corner, passing out tracts and holding signs. We probably gave out ninety to a hundred tracts. Everyone took them from us. I was able to give out the " ? Es Usted Una Buena Persona ? " ( Are You A Good Person ? ) tract to several Spanish people. As one family passed by, I sang half of a verse from one of my favorite Spanish songs : " Jesus, Mi Fiel Amigo. " I also met Manuel, who is a Christian. We had a good conversation. A man named John told me that he was backslidden. He has just moved to Louisiana. We pray that he will get right with God. Russell told me that he was a busy man. He
had been in Iraq for two years with the Air Force. I welcomed him home. He took a tract,
also. The only opposition was when a young person asked Bro. J.J if he was going in after he did the " Jesus Saves " thing.
Bro. J.J. and I have really been encouraged in the outreaches that we have been involved in. We are praying about witnessing at a rap concert next month in Monroe. Please pray that we can be used to see souls brought to the foot of the Cross ! Thanks again for viewing our blog. God Bless !

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