Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday Night Evangelism

Rain was in the forecast for the night, but it didn't start till later on. Bro. JJ and I were ready to preach, but we were only able to talk to a few people as we held the cross and our "Jesus Saves" sign. A country singer named Corey Smith was playing at the Hookin' Bull in Monroe. There were a lot of people in line when we got there.
We heard a few talking about us. Tom was the first one that we talked to. He said that he went to church in Ruston. He was the designated driver for his friends that were drinking. He also said that he wasn't a fan of that kind of music. We pray that Tom will find some Godly friends to hang out with.
Then, Jessie and Kyle stopped to talk with us. Jessie told us that he was glad that we were there. He was going to a Christian college in Pineville because of football. He has been thinking about spiritual things after going to chapel for a while. We talked to him and Kyle about the born-again experience. Kyle is a walking miracle! After I told him a little about my accident, he told us about his. He had fell asleep while driving about five weeks ago. His neck was cut when his head went through the windshield of his truck. He showed us pictures from his phone. There was blood all over the inside. He admitted that he was fortunate to be alive. God has something planned for this young man! I believe that we had him thinking about the Lord. We gave Jessie and him two tracts each. I hope that they were both distracted from the concert by thinking about our discussion!

After 11:00, we went to Walmart for some tag-team witnessing! We talked to Kenny in the parking lot when we arrived. I asked him if he had seen a man wearing a green shirt and was about his height. He knew that I was describing him. When I asked him where he would go if he died in five minutes, he said that he didn't know.
I told him that we couldn't make it to Heaven on our own righteousness.
It was only through what Jesus had done for us at the cross. I asked him to read his bible. He took a "Get Out Of Hell Free" card. We talked to a few workers and customers as we gave out tracts to them. Lorenzo, Keshia, Brandon, Clay, and Roderick are some of the ones that we talked to. Bro JJ planted tracts in several places. I appreciate the burden that he has for souls.

I needed to get water and milk. It took a while for me to check out. Fortunately, two spanish men got in line behind me. Alberto spoke a little English. When I asked if he was a Christian, he said &aquot;Porquito", which means a little. Hugo said that he went to church in Houston. He was familiar with the Spanish music that I listen to.They work at a chinese restaurant in Monroe.

On the way home, I went through the drive-thru at Taco Bell to get a sweet tea. The same woman that I gave a tract to on Thursday was the one that gave me my order. I remembered that her name was Victoria from her name tag. She said that she needed prayer. I prayed for her at the drive-thru! What a way to end the night: a drive-thru prayer!

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