Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Can't Stop!

I can't stop witnessing! I can't stop telling what Jesus has done for me and what He can do for others! I can't stop looking for opportunities to give someone a tract!  The naysayers say it's useless in giving out tracts, but they don't feel what we feel! They haven't been touched like we have been touched! Tracts speak when people  won't listen to us! They are used by God! We may never know the results of our efforts here on Earth!
We must keep on sowing! When we aren't doing open-air preaching or witnessing one on one, we still can place tracts wherever we go. 
Please view the As You Go blog that encourages Christians to leave tracts as they do their daily living. The link is
I was invited to post on this encouraging blog by Carl from Bezeugen Ministries. He has a heart for evangelism. The tracts that are sent out through the Bezeugen Tract Club have inspired me to hand out and leave more tracts out. Here is my latest post from Saturday:

Ruston, La. – This city is not too far from where we live. There is a thrift store there that we go to. I expect to see Spanish men there. I gave out seven $1,000,000 pesos to Mario, Abel, Vernon, Juan, Alfredo, Eguardo, and Ricardo. Vernon was a Christian. Abel seemed to be hungry for something more. I gave another Spanish man a tract at the Chinese restaurant where I left tracts at the table and one for the waitress.
As my wife and daughter visited the women stores, my sons and I hit Burke's, McDonald's (for tea and witnessing), and Office Depot.
Brandon and Mon got Mancards at McDonalds. Casey and Randall got them at Office Depot. Casey has already seen a $10 money tract that his friend had found. I think God is trying to speak to him!

He that winneth souls is wise . Proverbs 11:30


  1. No one's asking you to stop, brother. Press on! Press on! God bless your tireless efforts. Good going and glory to Him alone!

  2. Thanks, Bro. Paul! We are marching to Zion, taking as many as we can with us!