Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ark-La-Miss Fair 2012

We went to the fair Friday night to pass out around 300 or more tracts and about 75 Gospel coins. Bro. JJ, Bro. Jonathan, and I were there for this event. There was a steady flow of people going in and out. Most took the tracts with a few rejects. We had two signs with us, but only used them for a short period. I got to talk to 3 Spanish men that said that they weren't Christians. There names are Manuel, Javier, and Armando. They took the Spanish Gospel coins. Giving out the million dollar bill, a young man asked if I was famous. He wanted me to sign one if I was! I told him that I was a Christian. Many young people took the Get Out Of Hell Free and the Great Pumpkin tracts. About 60 million dollar bill tracts from Living Waters were taken, also. Bro Jonathan gave out most of his Bezeugen Tract Club tracts. One woman asked Bro. JJ about our church. We also saw the McGuffee family who were working at the Creation presentation in the fair. Bro. McGuffee pastors Ambassador Baptist in Monroe. The Creation presentation is done every year by Bro. Jerry and others like the McGuffee family. They present the story of Creation and hand out Gospel tracts, too. As we were leaving, we gave 5 Back From The Dead chick tracts to some who were waiting on a corner.
The highlight of the night was when we talked to Chavelle (not sure if that is spelled correct) and Deon. We were almost to the vehicle when we saw them walking our way. Chavelle said that she was a cancer survivor. She had cancer when she was 17 months old. She expressed that she wanted to get back in church. Deon said that he was a homosexual. He did go to with his family. I talked to him about the born again experience and how God changes lives. Then I took him through 3 of the Ten Commandments. Bro. JJ talked to him about the heart and the new creation in Jesus. They both took a Bible Belt tract. Please pray for these precious souls to experience the wonderful salvation that we have in Jesus Christ!

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