Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mark, A Nickel, And A Tract

I gave out several tracts Friday night while my family and I were grocery shopping at the Monroe Walmart. I was using the Football Trivia, Play By The Rules, and the Mancard tracts. We were in the front of the store after we checked out, waiting for my wife. I noticed that a man had to put an item back at a checkout. It was a box of snack cakes. I offered to pay for it, but he said that he was only a nickel short. I gave it to him to take care of the purchase. This gave me the opportunity to give him a Mancard tract. He said that his name was Mark and that he worked at a local restaurant. He was going to read the tract when he got home.
Do you look for doors to open for witnessing? They can easily be opened if
watch for them. People are thinking about everything else but eternity and Jesus. Let'a ask for open doors so that people can enter the Door to Heaven!

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